Evidence of the awakening

Slowly, it seems, media companies are stirring in their slumber chambers. Here are a couple of gems from today’s PaidContent:

Staci Kramer interviewed Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks/President, Disney-ABC Television Group, shortly after ABC’s new online program distribution announcement. She sounds like somebody who really gets it, despite the comments yesterday of underlings.

Do you think you’re going to end up with multiple business models? Sweeney: “I can tell you that we’re open to it and we’re intent on finding that out but we’re putting the consumer first and the idea right next to them and then we’re figuring it out — because I really don’t want to get in a world where we’re retrofitting new technologies into old business models.”
I think this statement is remarkable. If this powerful media executive is genuinely experimenting based on customer wants and needs, she is to be saluted. We’ll see.

The second gem comes from Rafat Ali in a blurb about AdAge.com’s site redesign. After comments about technical glitches, comes this:

…the site’s name (not its URL) has changed from AdAge.com to Advertising Age. “That reflects our strategy and belief that Ad Age is a media brand not a product defined by a distribution platform.” Who knew?
I think you’ll see more companies opting for this idea in the short term. It’s a smart acknowledgement of reality, but it won’t do anything for the bottom line. That will come through diversification and distancing ourselves from our brands in order to build new businesses. The real value of offline media brands is their ability to promote their online enterprises, something other entrepreneurs would have to pay big money to possess.

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