Everybody’s a media company, chapter 3,672

Staci Kramer at Paid Content notes that the NFL is in discussions to create an ad network across its 32 team sites. The league would sell some ads and the teams would keep some for themselves.

…the move could bring in significant revenue by adding national advertisers to the team sites. The sites also could make money from ads sold against NFL video that would be offered; teams producing their own video still could sell those ads.

Let me add that once an organization discovers the value of creating an ad network, there’s no reason that network can’t be expanded. This is exactly what we’re trying to teach local media companies about their own markets. If this happens, the NFL will be able to serve ads not only to their own sites but also to any related site that wants to get onboard. It’s a very smart play for male demos in the evolving world of online advertising.


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