Everybody else uses YouTube, but do you?

So I was wandering through espn.com this morning and thinking about a post on the NFL game tonight and how most of the country won’t see it. I thought of embedding an ESPN video in the post, which caused me to pause and think about how many companies are catching onto the whole unbundled media thing. But then, I got sidetracked by an eTicket piece on Bo Jackson, only to find that this lenghty, magazine-style piece contained — are you ready? — an embedded YouTube video. That’s right.

ESPN.com article with YouTube link

And then I thought, “We really have come a long way.”


  1. How long will it take for Nike to file a DMCA notice with YouTube to remove their copyrighted material? {sarcasm} I’m sure the poster Crotchrot (great username) posted the commericial from some old VHS tape.

    It’s a good thing NBC/Universal didn’t make the spot!

  2. Nike is likely a sponsor of the article anyway.

  3. we really have come a long way… in a short period of time too.

    wasn’t it only this time last year that the mood about doing business on youtube began to change?

    i can recall comments like “use their clips during your newscast or on your station’s site, but don’t mention their name”.

    yeah, that’ll work.

  4. Embedding a YouTube link gives up control of your media. You’re depending on a third party Tube user to maintain that link. Once a large backlog of posts w/ embedded clips develops, it leads to a lot of broken links.

    I wouldn’t embed an image from another site, I’d much rather upload it onto to my own server so I know it’s always there. Why not the same with flash video?

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