European consumer group sues music companies

European consumer group sues music companies
The lawsuit is over selling copy-protected compact discs that won’t play in car stereos and on computers. The group, known in Dutch as Test-Aankoop, cites complaints from consumers in suing EMI, Universal Music, Sony Music and BMG. It’s expected to be heard this week in a Belgium court, according to Reuters.

Industry observers believe Test-Aankoop’s suit is the biggest European legal challenge yet to the music industry’s controversial campaign to release copy-protected discs, to minimize the impact that digital piracy is having on sales.
I hope this is the case that asks the RIAA, “Prove to us that digital piracy is responsible for your sales losses.” For decades, we’ve all made dubs of various songs in a variety of formats, especially cassettes. Didn’t THAT impact sales? Bring on the experts (read: consumers) who’ll tell the real story.

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