Europe: Broadband is stealing TV viewers

That’s the conclusion reached in a study by UK-based research firm Strategy Analytics and reported in The Register. 56% of people in the study said they had cut down television viewing since subscribing to broadband.

David Mercer, principal analyst at Strategy Analytics, acknowledged that TV will continue to have a place in the home, and won’t be entirely replaced by high-speed Internet, but the impact of broadband will nevertheless be dramatic.

TV companies have to pay heed to the Internet… they clearly have to look at the Web as a way to reach their audience,” he told ElectricNews.Net. “Putting TV content on the Web is probably not the best way go about things. A better strategy would be to develop new on-line content that people can interact with.”

20% of homes in Europe have broadband, and that is expected to increase to 41% by 2008.

The behavior of broadband Internet subscribers is the best predictor of the media future. They spend more time online and are much more likely to be consumers of Internet broadcasting (currently called “streaming”).

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