ESSAY: The Net Redefines “Local”

Here is the latest in my ongoing series of essays, “Local Media in a Postmodern World:”

The Net Redefines “Local”

New research by Pew reveals insight about TV News and the difference between small markets and big markets. In academic circles, this is defined as “provincial” versus “cosmopolitan” coverage. The data got me to thinking about media and proximity and how geography is used to define the word “local” in local media. But the Internet has changed or at least modified that word, which opens up windows of opportunity never before available to those who view their audience through the lens of DMAs. Please join me on this fascinating journey of discovery.


  1. Terry,

    As an instructor of Social Media in Emergencies, and working for a company that delivers extremely personal messages when people’s lives are at high risk, the personal nature, local nature, of PoMo new media is refreshing and ultimately challenging. Your thoughts are extremely relevant to all of us who work, live, and play in this new, and wonderful, arena.

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