Embracing the Disruption

Here is the latest in my ongoing essay series, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

This essay is entitled “Embracing the Disruption,” and it focuses on the need for local media companies to ease away from dependence on our legacy brands to compete in the online world. There is no question that having an incumbent player in the market is a competitive advantage, but I think media companies need to reexamine this, for if our online competition is only the other legacy media companies in the market, it’s no advantage whatsoever. The real advantage incumbent media players have is in sales, but that advantage can and is being overcome, and I think we ought to be thinking differently about how we use the power of our brands. If a local internet company had a television station at its disposal, for example, it would use that station differently than the way television stations currently use themselves to promote the Web. For legacy media, it’s all about extending our brands to the Web, but for companies with roots in the Web, it’s the opposite. It’s about building new brands and new offerings based on the wants and needs of users, including advertisers.

Embracing the Disruption

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