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Oh no! Bias over objectivity?
Internet users would rather get email newsletters from associations and corporations than independent news media or individual journalists, according to a study this week by Quris, the email marketing people. As a student of Postmodernism, this comes as no surprise, for Pomos want unfiltered information more than news from what they view as elitist journalists. If bias is present, so what? They see it as more honest than the artificial “professional” hegemony known as objectivity. Postmoderns define themselves through tribes without leaders, and they find their own personal tribe through experiences and direct participation. It just isn’t possible to emotionally participate in an issue when argument is lacking. It’s the age of participation, and traditional news outlets need to take notice.

This study is filled with great information, including some worthwhile tips for email marketers that can be applied in any communications format. “Interesting content is cited as the most important motivating factor for loyalty,” according to Quris, something all news people should note. It’s what produces relevancy, a word many news people seem to have forgotten in our ivory tower attempts to preach to the masses.

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