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In moving to Dallas, one of the things I must give up is my Comcast Cable and Broadband. I’ve been a faithful customer for eight years, and I will surely miss it. The apartment complex into which I’m moving has an exclusivity deal with AT&T, so I don’t have any choice but to let go.

The problem? I’ve enjoyed the email address “” for eight years, and it’s my connection to a hundred websites and businesses, all of whom will “lose” that connection in after 30 days. I’ll be sending notices to many online billing companies, but I’ll never remember them all.

This, I suppose, is why God made Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

I submitted a formal suggestion that comcast create a business that will allow people to keep their addresses (heck, I’d pay for it), but even if they do, it’ll be too late for me.

The things we learn, eh?


  1. Hi Terry,

    It’s why I’ve had my own domain since 99. doesn’t mean anything much except the initials of my business, but its mine and my email is always the same as long as I own it, regardless of the server it sits on.

    Hotmail? GMail? Not in my control.

    You could get

    They’re all available.

  2. Thanks, Earl

  3. Brad Berens says

    Hi Terry,
    I’m a recent new reader, and one who happened to work for EarthLink in a former life. Have you checked with Comcast to see if they have a BYOA (Bring Your Own Access) plan in which you keep the email address and whatever software they use but provide your own connection? Good luck with the move.
    Brad Berens
    Brad Berens, Ph.D.
    Executive Editor
    iMedia Communications

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