Eclectic thoughts for a Saturday evening post :)

I noticed at the airport the other day that a 16 ounce bottle of water cost $2.89, while a 16 ounce bottle of Coke, etc., cost $2.79. This intrigues me, because, well, don’t you think the carbonation, flavorization and colorization processes have costs? I mean, Coke is just a bottle of water that’s been carbonated, flavored and colored. WTF? Is this a ploy by the water companies to justify charging more when THEY start flavoring, coloring and carbonizing their products? Hmm.

Want to know the cause of all the strife in the Middle East? I’m about to drive to Texas, so the price of gas had to go up, right?

I had a flashback to the Ma Bell days this morning. AT&T has cable and broadband “rights” in the apartment complex to which I’m moving, so I called to make the arrangements. Their voice mail told me to call back during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Ah, I can just hear Springsteen singing “Monopoly Days.”

My zefrank T‑shirts arrived today, just in time for my trip to San Diego tomorrow. I wonder if anybody will recognize them. I especially like the “Thinking, so you don’t have to” shirt. I’ll be out-of-pocket again for a couple of days. Back to Nashville on Wednesday.

Finally, on my way home from Dallas on Thursday, I had a fun experience on the plane. My cellphone has the old “Our Man Flint” hotline “red phone” ringtone, and I usually have it set pretty loud. We were heading out towards the runway, when the flight attendant made the usual announcement about shutting down everything that has an on/off switch. I lifted my phone out to turn it off just as Harry called. The “Our Man Flint” theme echoed throughout the plane, and everybody broke out laughing. It was a moment.


  1. i bought my first case of water in a long time the other day — 24 16oz bottles for $4.99… $.20 a bottle!? it’s criminal that the market will support movie theatre and airport prices. and, of course, i’ll buy a bottle in either spot in a pinch… *sigh*

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