DVR threat continues

DVR threat continues.
Despite all the discussion about the upfront buying season, Nielsen people meters, good 1st quarters, the Olympics and the election, the real threat to television continues to gather strength. MediaDailyNews is reporting on a new study that puts the Digital Video Recorder (DVR/PVR) experience in a(nother) favorable light.

New research on the impact of digital video recorders (DVRs) on the level of “satisfaction” of viewers with television goes a long way toward explaining why cable and satellite TV providers are rushing DVR services to their subscribers. The aptly named report “DVR Love,” released Monday by Lyra Research, shows a ten‐fold improvement in the quality of the TV viewing experience after consumers acquire a DVR.

Satisfaction With TV Viewing Before/After Acquiring DVR

Before After
Extremely Satisfied 7% 72%
Somewhat Satisfied 34% 12%
Neutral 30% 6%
Somewhat Dissatisfied 21% 2%
Extremely Dissatisfied 7% 8%

Source: Lyra Research’s DTV View Survey of Digital Video Recorder Users, March‐April 2004. Base = More than 600 DVR users surveyed online.

The issue for TV is, of course, what happens to all the advertising with these happy campers. That threat is very real and won’t go away despite how deep we can imbed our heads in the sand.

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