Don’t underestimate Google Video

The tech and media communities haven’t been kind in their reviews of Larry Page’s big announcement from the CES. Online Media Daily calls the Google Video launch “underwhelming,” while tech observers have been less diplomatic.

“Hey, is it my imagination, or is [this] the first really bad product Google has launched?” wrote Dave Pell of Davenetics.
Page himself said it didn’t help that the service was down. People couldn’t get a look at it, and there’s general agreement that it wasn’t really ready.

I’ve played with the thing myself, and I think it’s very much ready for prime time. I think the thing that upsets a lot of folks is that amateur videos are mixed in with the professional stuff, and that’s a jolt for people who haven’t explored the world of amateur video online. For example, I’ve been looking for a silly clip called “numa numa” that was floating around the Net in 2004. There it was on Google Video.

The service is spartan and raw right now, but all of the pieces are there, and its value to the unbundled media world cannot possibly be overstated. If you’re attaching short ads to your videos, why do you care where people find them? And if you’re selling video clips, where better to place them than the default search engine for the world?

Like all of their products, however, I’d like to see this being done at the local level, because (once again) Google is taking money from what could be local media. When will we learn?


  1. To answer you Terry, local media will never learn or at least not until:
    1. Old people start listening and admit they don’t know it all.
    2. A geek swindles there way into a position of power to make it happen.

    There are probably others but I can’t think of them right now.

    By the way when I tried to find Larry Page’s presentation at CES on I couldn’t. When I found some highlights on I was glad I DIDN’T see his presentation. The man is smart but not a public speaker.

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