Don’t touch my friggin’ mouse!

trackpadSo everybody’s talking about today’s Apple announcements. That’s what geeks do, and I mostly don’t pay attention, not being an Apple fanboy. However, this new “Magic Trackpad” is giving me the shakes.

The trackpad is designed to take the place of a computer mouse for those who don’t use a laptop. Why? Dave Winer nails it:

Apple has a new operating system called iOS. It’s what runs on iPods (which they are phasing out), iPhones and iPads.

What doesn’t it run on? (Yet.)

Why not? Wellllllll. Cause for one thing, the Mac is built around a mouse as a pointing device and iOS is built around fingers as the pointing device. So if you want to run iOS software on Mac hardware don’t you need a little new hardware? Just a little?

That’s all well and good, but I use a laptop AND a mouse. Why? Because it’s what I know. I find trackpads to be time-consuming and awkward. “Terry,” you say, “you’re being a Luddite here.” Perhaps, but I can work faster with a mouse than with a trackpad, and that’s just the truth.

Apple’s spin is a little different than Dave’s. Here’s what a spokesman told MG Siegler at TechCrunch:

People love the trackpad. People love those characteristics. So we wanted to bring that kind of design to our desktop users.

Bullcrap! Apple is going touch, and I fear that everyone else will follow, but they’ll have to pry my mouse from my dead fingers. Grrr. Leave my mouse alone!


  1. Steve Benjamins says

    I have to ask .… have you ever used an Apple trackpad? For their laptops? It’s a far different experience than ANY other trackpad– so if you’re using a Dell laptop w/ a mouse, of course you need a mouse. but if you use an Apple laptop believe me– it’s a much different story.

  2. You’ve got me there, Steve. Thanks.

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