Don’t let the significance of this escape you

Staci Kramer at Paid Content reports on the creation of RSS Ventures, a new venture capital company devoted completely to syndication. Here’s the money quote from one of the founders, John Palfrey, executive director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law:

“Of course, this fund will be a business intended to result in a return on investment. In the process, I have high hopes that such a fund can further the tremendous movement in citizens’ media underway and will promote the growth of global freedom of expression, creativity, and innovation.”
This is huge, not only because of the $100 million commitment, but also because of the people behind it. It’s an announcement that will have a direct impact on any media company that isn’t already deep into RSS 2.0 syndication, because this IS the delivery system of the future.

Also noteworthy is Palfrey’s statement about advancing citizens media and the “global freedom of expression,” because that’s a lot of money to support a revolution.

Press Release

(Good stuff, Staci)

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