Don Fitzpatrick R.I.P.

Word is in from Rick Gevers that Don Fitzpatrick has passed away. Don is a legend in local broadcasting, the original headhunter. He was always on the side of the workers in the industry, creating the first newsletter, Rumorville, that was faxed to stations every day. That became ShopTalk, and the rest is history.

Here’s what Rick had to say in an email:

Don died over the weekend in Alexandria, LA. Details are sketchy, but he apparently had been in the hospital for tests and was released on Friday.

For many years, Don operated Don Fitzpatrick Associates, a head hunting firm for broadcasters, from offices in downtown San Francisco. He also began one of the first online newsletters, originally called Rumorville, which later became Shoptalk.

Don closed DFA in late 1999 to concentrate on Shoptalk and a website,

Like many people, I loved Don Fitzpatrick. A fixture at the annual RTNDA gatherings, he could always be counted on to have a good thing to say.May he rest in peace.

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