Do they really believe THAT?

Do they really believe THAT?
The talented Catherine Seipp delivers a stinging indictment in the National Review of the media’s ability to fool itself.

And media people used to be embarrassed at not being able to analyze statistics or even understand basic science; but again, no longer. The feminization (and psychotherapization) of American culture so influences the newsroom now that gut feelings are too often treated with the respect of hard facts.

Ignorant media people irritate me more than ignorant regular people because not only do they have easier access to information (and therefore no excuse), they can be a big part of the problem in the first place — spreading misinformation because they’re too lazy and complacent to bother educating themselves. Or for ratings. Or just because they can.

Miss Seipp tells of an editor who chose a rental car for a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco rather than get on a jet during a storm. Why? All those stories about plane crashes in bad weather. So instead, she chose the statistically more dangerous method of driving 500 miles…at night…in a storm…on an unfamiliar highway. Sigh.

This is a fun view of a serious issue for news people. Good stuff, Cathy.

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