Direct marketing: the Internet makes it possible

Direct marketing: the Internet makes it possible
The state of Wisconsin has set up a Website enabling farmers and other rural groups to sell their goods directly to consumers. The site is called SavorWisconsin and is helping farmers during tough times, according to a report by the Associated Press.

“The idea is to get more money in pockets of family farmers, instead of grocers and food brokers,” said Kristin S. Kleeberger, commercial horticulture educator with the University of Wisconsin Extension in Waukesha.

Direct marketing, however, is not new to farmers who sell at roadside stands and farmers markets. A number of smaller direct-marketing Web sites run by consumer and farm organizations have operated for years, while Ohio and Maine have state-sponsored sites similar to SavorWisconsin.

Pretty cool. Sidestepping middlemen is a huge advantage of the Web and something I suspect we’ll see more of downstream.

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