Dinosaurs on my doorstep (again)

It’s that time of the year when spam arrives at the front door. Where do I opt out?


  1. SO funny. On the other hand, I have a small ritual when I check into a hotel room: I flip quickly through the Yellow Pages. I find you can tell a lot about a city by doing this. Pages for injury and divorce lawyers, gun shops, escorts, nightclubs, doctors, pawn shops, restaurants, malls, etc. give you a good sense of where you are.

    Also, Yellow Pages make an excellent booster seat when I’m on set.

  2. note to self: remind me to use lysol on the yellow pages next time i check into a hotel.

  3. No kidding, Terry.

    Recently I attended a local search advertising conference. There, Google’s manager of local search, Domenic Preuss, started his talk by asking how many people in the room had used paper yellow pages to look up a local business in the last year, 6 months, and 1 months. It was staggeringly few hands.

    Granted, the room was filled with web-o-philes, but still…

    And what amazes me is that now instead on one phone book, I get 5 or six a year from different entities. And they’re all far less usable than the old one used to be. I recycle them all immediately. What a waste of paper.

    - Amy Gahran

  4. Todd Thorpe says

    Boy, do I agree. I’ve long hated this ritual. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve needed to reference one of these wastes of good paper, and I only did so because I could not find a contractor in my little town by way of google and the net.

    Let these dinosaurs die!

  5. We must have 10 or 11 separate phone directories thrown on our door each year. Outside of the small one that fits in my car (great for calling a restaurant to see how long the line is), the rest usually get tossed into the recycling bin.

    I run a little placeblog for my hometown, Flower Mound Texas. The post I wrote about the same topic a few months ago generated a lot of responses.

  6. I’d like to opt out… and then my power goes out and I need to find the number for the power company. Or my DSL goes down, and I want to order a pizza.

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