Dinosaurs at the door

It happens every year about this time. I find that if you just leave them alone, they eventually go away.


  1. I remember actually needing a phone book at some point last month. I can’t remember for what, so I guess it wasn’t that important, but it bugged me at the time.

  2. DELETE. They don’t even make it inside me house.

  3. Oh my! That’s MY, not ME.

  4. I would much rather use the yello0w pages to find a business instead of the internet…maybe I am not hip enough.

  5. I would much rather use the internet to find a business instead of the Yellow Pages…maybe I am too hip. Not! I can never find what I want when I have used the Yellow Pages… I think search, now. Just think of the waste, the size, outdated the day it’s printed… you don’t need to be hip to see it’s not hip.

  6. Maybe the reason I like the hard copy of the yellow pages is because I have dialup and my internet is slow. I like being able to flip through the 3 pages of listing in the yellow pages book to find what I want. A dinosaur…I don’t think so.

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