Dick Clark’s (im)mortality

The news of Dick Clark’s stroke has me waxing nostalgic this morning and contemplating life without him. I was a teenager when Bandstand first appeared on the scene, and Dick Clark has always been one of my heroes. (“I give it a 40, Mr. Clark. It’s a lousy song, but I can dance to it.”)

In today’s world of homogenized entertainment and ubiquitous music videos, fans see their bands in the light the record company wishes them to be seen. But appearing on Bandstand meant what you see is what you get. Raw and real. No fancy effects and gimmickry. Just the bands and the music. The real stars of the show, however, were the kids, and that was its charm. It was magic, the type of which is rare in a lifetime.

Better minds than mine will write tributes when the time is right. I’m just sitting here remembering the innocence of Saturday mornings with a man who believed not only in the music but also in us.

Thank you, Mr. Clark. Get well soon.

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