Deutsch: “People like advertising.”

Deutsch: “People like advertising.“
Donny Deutsch,advertising exec and host of upcoming CNBC specials about media, says that TiVo won’t kill off commercials. In an interview with I Want Media, Deutsch says that PVRs don’t mean an end to the 30-second commercial.

“There have been a lot of things that people over the years have said would kill off the 30-second commercial, including the Internet. I think people like advertising. It’s not going to go away. Even in the early research of TiVo, a lot of people were not zapping through the commercials — particularly beer commercials, which are entertaining, and pharmaceutical commercials, which are so informational. If anything, I think [PVR technology] will force advertisers and agencies to take their game up and make sure their messages are relevant, engaging and very informational.”
He also says product placement advertising has its place, but that it must be done well. “If we see Phoebe in an episode of “Friends” take a swig of a Snapple and say, “This tastes great,” consumers are going to say, “bull—-.” It has to be done in a relevant way. Consumers also want to be allowed in on the bit.” Deutsch notes that a generation is growing up that “understands about being marketed to,” and I think this is important lesson for TV News people and especially the promo boys. News marketing that is less than intelligent is one of the reasons young people are turned off by local news. We think we can force viewers from one time period to the next with our clever teases, but all we do is piss them off. (“We’re all going to die tonight, and we’ll tell you about it at eleven.”)

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