Deconstructing Andrew Keen

I must point to this wonderful “debate” between Andrew (The Cult of the Amateur) Keen and David (Everything is Miscellaneous) Weinberger from the Wall St. Journal online. Read the whole thing. It’s really quite enlightening.

Thank you, David.


  1. I am 100% with Andrew Keen on this issue. Ever since people began watching reality TV and believed they too could be the star. Ever since we started dropping ecstasy tablets and getting off on ourselves on the dance floor as opposed to a band on a stage with shit hot musicians. Ever since we started believing that Jackass 2 was worthy of belonging in the canon of great cinema as opposed to Godard, Bergman and Scorsese.
    society has forgotten how to defer to real talent, learned talent, sweated over professional talent.
    I know this because the kids that I teach do not actually understand anymore what actually requires talent. They think in this post modern guff of a world that a text message is as worthy of analysis as Shakespeare. Spare me! Bring on elitism I say. Bring it on because the world is so full of bland garbage and there is no awe in the presence of greatness anymore. And blog sites.…well just lots of people talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothin’. In love with the banality of their own opinion. I generalize of course but Andrew Keen has struck a chord with this little black duck.

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