Dear Broadcaster…

Must read: George Simpson’s Internet 101 For The Profit-Hungry in today’s Online Media Daily. It’s a biting commentary addressed to old media:

What was once a pretty straightforward producer-advertiser-consumer continuüm now has more twists and turns than a Claria strategic plan. Where media used to be in tight control of what was content and where, when, and how it could be consumed, the power has shifted to the consumer who increasingly is seeking information and entertainment produced by a variety of content providers, most of whom don’t live in Sherman Oaks, Georgetown, or on the Upper West Side. The monolithic control of information the government and private sector enjoyed for the first couple of hundred years of this nation is going bye-bye. Either you are part of the process, or it will simply pass you by–or, as in the case of traditional media companies standing in the road like deer caught in the headlights–it will run your ass over.
These are things I’ve been saying for a long time, but George has such a nice way with words.

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