Creating Spectrum Within Spectrum

Here’s the latest in my ongoing series of essays, TV News in a Postmodern World, Creating Spectrum Within Spectrum.

As media companies struggle with disruptive innovations eating away at the foundation of their business model, they’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink at trying to sustain the unsustainable. One solution would be to transfer the world or worlds in which they now compete to the Web as a whole, instead of trying to compete for attention in a world of unlimited reach and range.

I flew over Philadelphia on Tuesday, a city — like others — that has all of its sports arenas in the same location. Each shares the parking space, and freeway access can sustain the traffic required for such big crowds, all of which makes it very convenient for sports fans. There are many examples of this in “real” life, so why can’t we see that this might also be smart online?

Why? Because it would mean competitors cooperating to create the location.

Ain’t gonna happen? Never say never.

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