Coveting attendance at the Harvard New Media session

Thankfully, David Weinberger is an excellent live blogger (I’ve tried. It’s hard.) and here’s his coverage of the Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism and the Media Center’s conference called Whose News? Media, Technology and the Common Good.

Whose news? Introductions
Will the traditions of journalism survive?
What should stay or change?
Fourth Session

All the biggies in New Media are there (except yours truly), and I’m enjoying the commentary. The best so far is from Jay Rosen:

New media has forced traditional media to have to learn quickly. “It has not happened,” he says. “There’s this huge gap between what most journalists know about the Web and what’s actually happening on the Web.” If the traditions are going to survive, professional journalists will have to jump in and learn.
How true, Jay. I encounter this everywhere I go. That “gap” will be the downfall of many. Those who can close it will establish their future.

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