Convergence is the buzz in Las Vegas

Convergence is the buzz in Las Vegas
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has always been an event for touting new and different. This year, we’re seeing a busload of technologies and announcements regarding the blending of TV and the Internet, and some bear our thoughtful notice.

The talk of the show is MSN Video, something we’ve reported in the past. The buzz is about the “TV-like commercials” that run amidst the video clips. Media Daily News is reporting the service “is expected to greatly accelerate the adoption of a TV-like advertising marketplace on the Internet.” It includes “a new MSN home page that includes ad formats with expandable ad space, as well as a so-called “Universal Ad Package” of standardized ads.”

Meanwhile, Reuters reports on Microsoft’s new products “that will allow TVs anywhere in the home to access video, music and photos stored on personal computers, in its latest effort to push its software beyond the desktop.” Microsoft boss, Bill Gates, stuck to the Microsoft core belief that everything has to work together.

Gates said Microsoft will unveil products later this year that will allow TV viewers to access live and recorded TV programs, music files, digital photos and other media stored on their PCs.

“Ease of use can be better if the software does it right,” Gates said. “These scenarios demand all of these advances work together.”

My broadcasting friends need to take note of all of this, because it’s further evidence that doing television in a Postmodern world will be very different than it is today. And in many ways, it’s safe to say that today already is tomorrow.

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