Coming soon, “Reinventing Local Media, Volume II

My new bookJust in time for Christmas, the last i has been dotted, the last t crossed, and the last reference has been annotated. That means that AR&D is about to publish its third book about local media in the throes of disruption, “Reinventing Local Media, Ideas for Thriving in a Postmodern World, Volume II.” It’s the latest compilation of my essays and includes a section on all of the “Media 2.0 101” segments that I’ve written for this newsletter over the past four years.

Volume I was published in 2006 and is now a part of the curriculum for college courses around the world. It never made the New York Times best seller list, but the people who’ve read it are those who manage the media companies of the U.S. or teach those who’ll be working for them. That’s a heady proposition, and I’m very proud to have now published two complete volumes of my work.

I’m also very proud of AR&D for publishing these books. We’re in the midst of very confusing times for local media companies, and whether you agree or disagree with our vision, you have to at least acknowledge that we not only have one but are willing to put it out there for all to discover and learn with us. It takes a company that understands new business concepts, such as thick value, to make such a commitment. We know our role, and we’re not afraid to play it.

I’ve got the best job in the world. While others flounder with tired old formulas, at least we’re out there with reinvention and re-engineering thoughts, ideas and actual plans. Some of that is spelled out in this new book.

You should be able to find it via Amazon or Barnes & Noble mid-December, but if you want an autographed copy, you’ll have to write to me with a $25 check made out to AR&D included.

Terry Heaton
8255 Robertson Drive
Frisco, TX 75034

While I’m tooting AR&D’s horn, let me also add that there is much more to us than what you read here, and if your company isn’t in the loop, you’re missing some truly inspired plans and concepts. AR&D has changed when much of the industry hasn’t, and you owe it to yourself to find out more. Write to me or Ken or any member of our team, and we’ll be glad to fill you in. A note to will get you started.


  1. i wish i get a copy online as im under geo constraint

  2. You’ll be able to purchase online. Give us a week.

  3. Linda (Furtney) McGeorge says

    Terry: First the banjo now published.….I’d really like to get a copy as my son Jeff is in his last

    term of Journalism at Grand Valley. He’s hopeful for employment, I just keep looking at newspapers and magazines and wonder where it’s all going to go. If they stop publishing newspapers, what will I do with my morning coffee?

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