CNN leaves the walled garden

There will be forthcoming reports of icebergs in hell after this one.

Staci Kramer reports at PaidContent that CNN is abandoning their premium video service in favor of an ad-supported model. This is a bold move for a company that insisted a few years ago that paid was the only way to meet the bandwidth costs associated with video streaming. Nonsense. Will they be too late? Not likely.

Good job, Staci. Good move, CNN.


  1. This is fabulous news, and a very good move, business-wise. I am a non-consumer of television news (as in, I do not own a television set, period). If the video on their website becomes free, even I will watch some of it from time to time.

  2. Matt C. Wilson says

    Kudos, Holly! I cancelled my cable 4 years ago but I still have a TV (mostly as an output for my DVD and my XBox). I watch the broadcast channels I get, but never the local news broadcasts, for all the reasons we know too well: they just plain suck.

    I don’t care to see a reporter standing where an accident/fire/shooting happened hours ago, telling me about it hours after it happened. I do care to get the headlines from my local paper’s website in close to realtime. What does video add?

    But I do miss CNN, because national and global news events are typically of the import that having a video feed is a real help. We all know it was the footage of the tsunami that did much more than any text could. I’m glad to see they’re making this move.

  3. Do you suppose this is in some way linked to the recent ABC News Now announcement this week of video on demand and massive content streaming?

  4. Miasma,

    I think this has been long coming. I think will soon leave the RealPlayer nonsense too. (At least I hope so).


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