CNN’s online competition isn’t Fox

This headline from the Nieman Journalism Lab has been bothering me since I first saw it a couple of weeks ago: The Pilates approach: How CNN is trouncing its competitors on the Web

The problem? CNN’s competition online isn’t what the writer thinks it is. It’s Google, Yahoo, MSN, and thousands of online-only news organizations, but it’s also Groupon, Reach Local, Facebook and a thousand other sites — even Wal-Mart — that play a role in the advertising revolution. Even the people formerly known as the advertisers are in on the fun. To write that CNN’s “competition” is those that it competes against as a cable news network is to miss the point of what’s happening online. It may make for fun exploration, but it is completely irrelevant.

The very same thing happens at the local level. TV stations think their online competition is still the other TV stations, and the local paper is “competing” with other major media in town.

Folks, this just isn’t true, and the sooner we get this out of our minds, the sooner we’ll get on with the business of fixing our REAL problem, which is outside pureplay companies stealing our advertising.

It has nothing to do with the guy across the street.


  1. Ron Stitt says

    You are so right.

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