Cisco’s video phone is TV quality

Cisco’s video phone is TV quality.
Cisco is about to unveil a new technology that works with Internet telephone services (VoIP) to provide video as well. And it’s not just any video; it’s 30-frames-per-second, the broadcast standard. According to the Reuters report, real-time videoconferencing with television-quality images will cost about $200 per user.

…version 1.0 of the VT Advantage software ties together its Internet Protocol-based phones, a Web camera and a desktop or laptop PC to add video alongside calls.

“By just making a regular phone call, you can now have video as well without hitting a single additional button,” Marthin De Beer, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s IP communications group, told Reuters.

While most commercial video phones offer jerky and distorted images, and many professional video conferencing systems take extensive setup to use, Cisco said video on its platform would run at 30 frames per second and launch instantly whenever the callers had VT Advantage installed.

At $200 per user, the pricing seems right, and it doesn’t take a genius to see what’s possible here for the news gathering process. Moreover, the ability to send and receive a 30 frame-per-second signal over the phone is another lowering of the wall between professionals and everyday people in the ability to do video news via the Internet. Cisco has tagged VoIP as growth driver for the company, which means we’ll likely see more innovations in the not-too-distant future. Pretty amazing, methinks.

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