Chalk one up for the bad guys

The Register reports this morning that the Dutch student who wrote an important piece of software in the fight against malware has given up his effort to stay current with the developers of CoolWebSearch (CWS), one of the nastiest browser hijackers on the planet. According to the report, new variants of CWS show up every few weeks, and he can’t keep up.

(Merijn) Bellekom has just released the latest version of his CWShredder (1.59), the only antidote to the trojan, but warns that his app won’t be updated again: “I have a few bugs to fix, but after that there’s not much left to do. I simply do not have the tools to remove the latest variants. They are too aggressive or too complicated to allow for automated removal.”
Read the entire article. It’s important stuff, and somebody needs to pick up CWShredder and continue the fight. But what’s also necessary is a full scale assault on the Russian creators and purveyors of this AND the advertisers who pay for it. As The Register notes, the solution lies at the end of the money trail.

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