Cell phones and horse crap

One of the truly original people on the planet is David Weinberger, he of Cluetrain fame. Today, he laments about his cell phone in one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a long time. He references the Cingular claim that they have the fewest dropped calls as a “statistically significant steaming pile of horse crap.”

My own study certainly backs up the horse crap hypothesis. My Cingular phone only works if I actually climb a Cingular antenna tower, of which there seem to be a total of nine in the continental United States. Fortunately, the towers are only 11 inches tall.

I exaggerate. My Cingular phone also works if my phone is within shouting distance of yours. In fact, I’d like a rebate for the total minutes I spend yelling “Can you hear me now?” into my phone. If the terrorists were smart they’d use variations of “Can you hear me now? How about now?” as code, thus slipping by any covert government eavesdropping programs.

David is as funny as he is brilliant, and he has a Seinfeldesque way of absolutely nailing life’s little aggravations. Go read the post and find out what happened when he made an inquiry at the Sprint store.

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