CBS launches unbranded “Showbuzz”

Larry Kramer is a smart guy. The CBS internet czar launched a new site with a new brand today, one that, I predict, will do very well for the company. Showbuzz is an entry into the celebrity news space. The logic was simple: the entertainment section of the CBS site was always sold out, so they built a new site to increase inventory. Since I’ve been screaming for years that this is the way to go, I’m naturally going to like everything about this, mostly that it’s not covered with CBS branding or promotional hype. It’s a legitimate, separate news and information Website. USAToday’s Peter Johnson got the scoop.

By spinning out a new site devoted to entertainment news, CBS hopes to “create an environment where people who are interested in those things will go,” CBS Digital chief Larry Kramer says.

“The future of media companies, the future of the Web is about finding additional revenue streams for content you already have or to support the people who create that content,” Kramer says. In CBS News’ case, that amounts to about 1,500 employees who are involving in reporting news, much of it entertainment and pop culture features.

Sound familiar? Congrats to Mr. Kramer and his team.

(Hat tip to Cory Bergman)

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