CBS doesn’t view iTunes the same as NBC

CBS boss Les Moonves told in Cannes (Rafat must have a big budget) that their arrangement with iTunes has been good for CBS.

Les Moonves at Cannes“We enjoy our relationship with them–we find that it is found money for us. We are getting paid a decent amount of money for everything. Weeds does extremely well because Weeds is only in 13 million households in the United States — therefore there are a lot of people who get that show only through iTunes because they don’t necessarily get Showtime. Do we have questions about the price point with iTunes? Absolutely. (But) we feel iTunes is very good … promotional vehicle for CBS products” We do not quite feel the same way as NBC does and we plan on continuing that relationship with iTunes and we’re very happy with it.”

I think CBS has generally been on the right path in acknowledging the distributed nature of media, and this statement by Moonves is an example of right-thinking, IMO.


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