Cavemen get their own show (I told you so)

Geico's CavemenWell, well. ABC has done a deal with the Geico cavemen to do a sitcom. The show will be set in Atlanta, where three prehistoric men battle prejudice as they go about their lives. Steve Hall over at Adrants points out the obvious:

Joe Lawson, the Martin Agency copywriter behind the Geico campaign is on‐board as a writer at least for the pilot which will even feature a Gieco spokesman. Now that’s some serious brand integration.

Product placement is for losers. Getting your ad campaign turned into a TV show is the new new thing. Just think. Now, we can expect TV shows about a fast food worker who dreams he’s a rapper married to a bald pop star.

Steve’s only partially being facetious, and we don’t know yet if Geico is on board as a sponsor. But there are two things to point out. One, this was inevitable. The characters are lovable (and probably already have high Q‐scores), and the concept is creative and filled with humorous possibilities. Two, long form advertising is already bubbling up from the bottom on the web (see FlushTV), so why shouldn’t it make it’s way to broadcasting? Maybe this will inspire the ad industry to new levels.

These are indeed fascinating times.


  1. The commercials are good, but lets not forget that this has already been done. It is hard to bet against something like this. There are two reasons that I am going to.

    1. Unfrozen caveman lawyer on SNL — rather funny.
    2. Encino Man. A movie staring Pauly Shore for chrissake!

  2. http://tdc says

    it will be interesting to see if they can write‐in a vivacious cavewoman. maybe one that keeps a clean cave and cooks very well.

  3. Can’t wait for it! LOL My husband and I love the commercials.

    Check out this cool website: (Keep clicking on the shower curtain onece you’re in the bathroom…)


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