Carolyn Little on blogs and more

Rafat Ali interviews Washington Post Newsweek Interactive (WPNI) CEO Carolyn Little in PaidContent’s new Media Executive Interview Series. Here’s an example of the good stuff:

Q: How are you incorporating blogs?

A: We’ve gone broader than politics: we’ve had a blog come out of the Tsunami last year; and we also have a sports blog. We did something in Finland, too. It has been more human interest, and it is interesting how much feedback we get. We’re also thinking of trying to incorporate RSS readers into these blogs.

It is early in figuring out how blogs will work out, but there’s no doubt that our readers expect to participate in the conversation.

We’re also thinking about incorporating links to bloggers on a particular subject.

Q: What do you think about the atomization of media: the homepage as an entry vehicle versus the story page, especially in light of RSS feeds?

A: We’re definitely seeing that more and more people come to our site through links or through their own RSS feeds. They acknowledge our site is a collection of articles and tools, and certainly, our traffic patterns reflect that. People in the local market are more likely to type in our URL or bookmark it. But, ultimately, it is the value of the brand and analysis that we provide that makes our site successful.

Rafat’s “atomization of media” is a critical term for old media types to understand. It’s the “unbundled” content of which I reference ad nauseam, and it’s where we’re headed. Ms. Little is ahead of most in understanding this, but it’s clear they haven’t figured out the right revenue model just yet. It’s coming, folks.

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