Capturing moments

It’s Memorial Day, and my neighborhood is basically empty. Everybody’s out doing something with family, and I think that’s great. People will take a lot of pictures this weekend, because that’s what we do. We try to capture the moment for all time by taking pictures of it.

This is on my mind, because I’ve spent the weekend working on Allie’s memory book. You know what I value most about the pictures I have? It’s not the photos of special occasions when everybody gets together, and it’s not the formal, posed pictures taken by a pro. It’s not the family gatherings or the shots of her on-the-job in the TV News business.

What brings my heart the most joy are simple, candid pictures of every day life. You know the kind: no make-up, no special “good” clothes, nothing artificial — just life in its natural form. These are the pictures that mean most to me right now, because I don’t want to remember her just for the holidays or the special events. I want to remember the rawness that was myAllie.

And so my message to you this holiday weekend is that you take all the pictures you want today, but don’t forget to take a few tomorrow and the next day, too. For one day, you might find yourself in my position and discover that the moments most worth capturing happen every second of every ordinary day.

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