Campaigns and the Internet

Reporters need the Web to cover politics
The Internet has thrown a big wrench into the political machinery of campaigns and political coverage as 2004 looms, according to an article in today’s issue of Editor and Publisher.

“There is hardly an event that I cover that I am not, in some way, making use of the Web,” says Dan Balz, veteran political writer for The Washington Post. John Wildermuth, senior political correspondent at the San Francisco Chronicle, agrees. “It has absolutely exploded,” he says of the Internet’s campaign impact. “Newspapers are having to pay a lot more attention to it.”
These truths apply to television news reporters as well as newspaper types. Local politicos will follow suit, primarily because the Web is such an amazing tool for informing (and soliciting) supporters. I strongly recommend stations develop coverage plans that include the Web. There’s gold in them there hills!

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