Calling for a “creative awakening”

In another one of her thoughtful and compelling essays, Diane Mermigas writes that content must catch up with the new media world. I couldn’t agree more.

What’s required is a call for a genuine creative awakening not only in Hollywood and New York but everywhere in between where artists, writers, producers, animators and performers reside. The demand will be strong — even as attention spans are shorter — to fill these new devices and pipelines with differentiated content that big media so far has defined only by what it knows best. This innovation will require assigned funds and resources, artistic freedom and a corporate mandate to think outside the box.

The other call must be for a far‐reaching, all‐inclusive anti‐piracy effort on the part of those who make their fortune from content — whether they produce, distribute or service it. Such a forceful, unified effort can be justified by the single notion that every company with a stake in the digital broadband market ultimately lives or dies by the protection of copyrighted content and service patents.

A portion of the article is dedicated to the very real economic problems that the unbundling of media is generating, given that our biggest export is that which comes from the copyright industry. We entertain the world, and that accounts for a huge part of our gross domestic product. Destroy it, and our economy could collapse.

Read the article. Diane is the best.

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