Bunnies in the back yard

My girlfriend was mowing her back yard this week and discovered a nest of infant cottontails. There are six of the little guys in a small hole in the ground that the mommy covers with fur after each feeding. She shows up a couple of times after dark, and the babies just sleep and grow during the daytime, warmed by the sun’s rays. We found this wonderful site, rescuedrabbits.org, that gave us all the information we needed to enjoy the little fellows without interfering in their growth. Rabbits are very common in my girlfriend’s Frisco neighborhood, but this kind of thing doesn’t come along every day, so here are a couple of photos and a little clip to show you our bunnies in the back yard.


  1. Thank you very much for the compliments about our site, and for linking to us! So glad you can enjoy these baby cottontails in your yard.

  2. My baby and I enjoyed your story, pics, and video.



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