Brokaw statement represents all that’s wrong

Brokaw statement represents all that’s wrong
Everybody in “the biz” knows Tom Brokaw is retiring and that pretty boy Brian Williams is taking his place atop the NBC News throne. I’ve often noted that oxygen deprivation atop such pedestals is one of the factors that has led to a complete distrust of “the press” by the American public and the common news media operating mantra of, “Don’t they know who we think we are?” Brokaw has said he won’t spend his last year collecting awards, but he’s making an exception for the National Press Club. He told the AP yesterday:

“Every time I go through there, I’m struck by how important the press club is because it does represent the newspapers that reflect the heartbeat of the country.”
Dear Tom, The only heartbeat this institution reflects is its own. You may not have noticed, but while you and your colleagues are congratulating each other amidst the abundant ivy, your formerly captive audience is going elsewhere to get their information. Good luck in your retirement. Terry

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