Broadcasters are “standing in the way”

I’m noticing more and more trade magazine articles these days that are telling it like it is for broadcasting. The types of things I used talk about to a room of blank stares are now getting head nods here and there, and I view this as a good thing for the industry. It’s like that wonderful IBM Consulting ad where the old king feels the change coming, but he’s the only one. Augh!

One writer who has always gotten it right is Diane Mermigas, about whom I’ve raved in the past. Her latest is hurt only by a bad headline, “Landscape changing for broadcast licensing.” Forget that and read the article. It’s important stuff, folks.

In a world of diffused content offerings and fragmented viewing, the onus is on network-affiliated broadcasters to innovate and produce unique content from their local resources and connections that cable, satellite and other distributors will want enough to pay for. (Emphasis mine)

…But with television becoming only one, albeit important, spoke in the multimedia wheel, broadcast and cable players are beginning to see the possibilities for leveraging the value of their content elsewhere. They must.

…In a world in which consumers can increasingly access precisely what they want, on the device and in the location they chose, for the price they want to pay, the ability to use, repackage and market content to meet users’ higher customization, personalization and functionality standards gets you a lucrative seat at the big table. But playing that game means changing relationships at every level of the media and entertainment supply and demand food chain — from content distributors, providers and producers, as well as advertisers and marketers.

Think LOCAL! What can you do locally that has value in a Media 2.0 world? That will be broadcasting’s savior, but there isn’t a minute — not a minute — to wait. Local broadcasters can’t sit by and wait for somebody else to figure it out; we’ve got to get in the water and start swimming.

Diane has a nice quote from Disney CEO-elect, Robert Iger:

“We can’t stand in the way, and we can’t allow tradition to stand in the way, of where consumers can go or want to go.”
No we can’t, Mr. Iger.

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