Britney Spears, um…

Anybody want to argue about the profit value of gossip and why dignified media companies have joined the other frogs in the pot?

Lookie here at this Broadcasting & Cable header:

“Syndication Ratings: Britney’s Travails Are Mags’ Triumphs — Syndicated Entertainment Magazines Up by Double-Digits. Here’s the meat of the article:

In the week ending Jan. 6, CBS’ Entertainment Tonight had the largest increase of any strip in first run, gaining 26% from the prior week to a 4.4 live-plus-same-day national household average, according to Nielsen Media Research. That includes a 34% ratings jump Friday, Jan. 4, the day news broke that Spears had been hospitalized after a frightening custody stand-off.

…The constant chronicling of Spears’ problems also drove the other magazines up. CBS’ Inside Edition jumped 15% to a 3.1 four-day average. NBC Universal’s Access Hollywood, dropping both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, gained 14% to a 2.5. CBS’ The Insider and Warner Bros.’ Extra both counted all five days, with Insider increasing 11% to a 2.1 and Extra leaping 20% to a 1.8.

So now we know why the AP declared last week that Britney was a big deal.


  1. Now I see why they’re pimping Britney all over the news. It’s sad. Ratings now matter more than ACTUAL news. Good post. I’m posting something about Britney on my blog right now!


  1. […] If you’re a sentient being with any awareness of the outside world, then you’ve been overwhelmed by news of everyone’s favourite train wreck of a celebrity, Britney Spears. Tired of it? Well it ain’t gonna end any time soon my friend, ’cause stories on the former pop princess are ratings gold. Check out the stats. […]

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