Branded RSS readers

The world is catching up to the idea of branded RSS readers, something I wrote about nearly a year ago in The Busine$$ of RSS. MediaPost’s Online Daily News has figured it out:

AS INTERNET USERS DISCOVER CONTENT aggregation’s merit, advertisers and publishers fear a loss of control over their content and how users experience it. Now, several newspapers have launched their own customized RSS readers, in an effort to solidify their relationships with online readers.
The beauty of having your own reader is that you can serve ads in it while the users are scanning their feeds. The caveat, I believe, is that there’s only room for one of these in a market. If you want one, contact Harry Hayes at Sausage Software in Seattle.

Bill French notes in the comments that he’s been at this a lot longer. He and Harry work together as Smartstream Alliance to do the branded RSS reader thing. First rate folks (and much smarter than yours truly).


  1. »> something I wrote about nearly a year ago

    Coming up on three years for me. 😉


  2. Whoops — forgot to mention — SmartStream Alliance focuses solely on this idea.


  3. Forgive me, Bill. I certainly should’ve included you in this entry. My bad.

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