Borrell “revisiting” his position on banners

Gordon Borrell was in Dallas this morning for a meeting with local advertising agencies sponsored by Pegasus News. He told me that new information provided to him by Yahoo and the targeted ad technology being used by the Newspaper Consortium is causing him to re-examine the data about the efficacy of banner advertising.

We also talked about the task of bringing local advertising agencies into the realities that the Web offers local businesses. This is a big opportunity that agencies have been ceding to pureplay agencies, similar to the way local media companies have responded to the disruption of the web.

In addition to being one of my favorite people, Gordon Borrell is out there on the cutting edge of what’s happening in local media. It’s a good idea to listen when he talks.


  1. I think Gordon Borrell has the easy part of the story summed up. Clearly there is an opportunity. But the opportunity will require agencies to convince businesses to pay for the bulk of the services instead of the local media. Still today, a majority of the revenue for local agencies come from “commissions” paid by television, radio and some print.

    And I don’t put all the fault at the feet of local agencies. Local businesses have, for years, had local media supplement their marketing dollars by the “commissions” paid by local media companies. Well, that game is coming to an end as well. If a business wants marketing help, they’re going to have to pay for it; maybe all of it.

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