Bob Woodruff injured

Bob’s a friend and former colleague of mine, and I’m praying for him, his wife Lee, and their four children right now. You can find details all over the place, so I’ll limit this to a question. Why the heck do we call a bomb an IED? Is it supposed to communicate that “improvised explosive devices” are different than manufactured explosive devices, that terrorists are more likely to “make up” bombs instead of buying them? Who knew?

Bob Woodruff was hurt by a bomb, people.


  1. Hi Terry:

    How many blog you have?

  2. Kevin Newman says

    I see you’ve been hit by the same spammer that has been posting elsewhere.

    When I hear “bomb” in the context of the Iraq war, I imagine something that is dropped from a plane and then explodes. At least IED is less ambiguous.

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