Bloggercon coming to Nashville

Chalk one up for a blue city in a red state! The first weekend in May is the date for “BlogNashville,” a three-day multi-part conference on journalism, blogging and the emergence of the new citizen-participatory journalism, which will include the fourth Bloggercon on Saturday. For the uneducated, Bloggercon was started by blogging pioneer Dave Winer and held previously at Harvard University and Stanford University. The gathering is sponsored by Belmont College in Nashville and will be held on campus with various events running from May 5–7. It’s a very BIG deal indeed.

Lots of people are already lined up, including Instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds, Ed Cone, Bill Hobbs and, of course, myself. A Website has been built,

Read the whole press release from Belmont.


  1. I am relatively new to the blogging scene, and having never attended a blogging conference I am not sure if this has been done before. But I think one of the major parts of this conference is that the Media Bloggers Association is sponsoring a computer assisted reporting bootcamp. One of the greatest things separating mainstream media and independent media, including bloggers, is a lack of understanding of basic tools of journalism. The New York Times never publishes an investigation and says to its readers, this is how we did it. Once we educate bloggers on the tricks of the trade, they’ll be able to even play a greater role in the media landscape and help keep society and mainstream journalists accountable.

  2. Good point, Brendan. Thanks.

  3. I was happy to see Bill post this last night. Great news for all involved.

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