Blog software fubar continues

The technical community continues to scramble resources in efforts to provide a permanent “fix” for the problems encountered by thousands of bloggers over the holiday weekend. As reported below, the creators of the most popular site management tool for hosting companies, CPanel, moved an update overnight on June 30th. This was automatically installed at most hosting locations, but two of the modules didn’t work with Movable Type, one of the most popular software tools for making blogs. The result was disastrous.

To temporarily solve the problem, hosting companies were forced to downgrade the modules. Now that the holiday is over, I suspect the problem will be resolved quickly.

While some may be wringing their hands over this event, I was witness to the marvel of the behind‐the‐scenes resolution. Even on a holiday weekend, the tech community scrambled to provide a fix. The ability of this to occur — without any organized effort — is one of the remarkable things about the Internet and its people. My hat is certainly off to you.

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