Blog readership doubles

Steve Outing at Poynter rightly notes that new Forrester research showing accelerating growth in blog readership is likely due to mainstream media players getting into the blogging world.

As the “old guard” of journalism joins the blogging revolution, it’s no wonder that blogging’s numbers are rising. As for RSS, with non-geeky RSS reading solutions made available by the likes of My Yahoo!, more and more people are utilizing the technology without realizing it.
Steve’s right, and the growth line for blog readership points to continued acceleration. Readership has doubled in less than a year, and as more and more people get comfortable with the realities of unbundled media (that’s what this is all about, folks), new business models and even better aggregation tools will enter the picture.

To those in media companies who aren’t involved in this space yet, I can only say that it’s rapidly becoming too late for you.


  1. I wonder how the increase in blog readership compares to the annual increases seen among consumers who make purchases online.

    What percentage of potential readership do you think is currently being reached?

  2. Is this thing on?

  3. Sorry, Andrew. I don’t have answers to either of your questions, although I suspect blog readership growth is higher than growth of online purchasers, simply because it’s a newer application of the Web.

    Blog “reach” is, I believe, 10%. But reach isn’t a metric that should necessarily be used to calculate value online.

  4. Interesting. I agree about present comparisons, however I’d be curious to see the comparison relative to each category’s growth curve from the beginning of each one ‘catching on’. Thanks for the reply Terry. Love your blog.

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