Blog Daddy’s having a blog baby!

Congratulations to Jeff Jarvis, who announced today that he’s leaving the Conde Nast organization to strike out on his own. He’s going to work with the New York Times on their purchase, do some consulting, write a book and birth a new citizens media project.

I will act as editor in chief of a new news start-up founded by Upendra Shardanand (ex Firefly, Microsoft Passport, AOL, and Time Warner) and a sterling team. More than a year ago, when Upendra first described his idea to me, I lurched at it. I was so determined to work on this that I gave up plans to start my own blog company. The start-up remains in stealth mode — this is the first public mention of it — but you’ll hear more about it soon. (And we are, of course, hiring engineers.)
Since Jeff is known in MSNBC land as “Blog Daddy,” one has to wonder if this new venture will be called “Blog Baby.” Or not.

Gee, now both Jarvis and Gillmor are off doing their own things. Who’s next?

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